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48 Amazing Webcams in Banff National Park

by Kelly Smith

There are numerous webcams in Banff allowing you to see this spectacular part of the world without leaving the comfort of your own home. The webcams are inspirational and are bound to increase your feeling of wanderlust. Webcams in Banff are often used by locals to check conditions around the National Park, and by tourists to build up excitement pre-trip. Webcams in Banff are all positioned to give the most incredible scenic views. From the webcams you can expect to see across snowy mountain peaks, emerald green forests climbing up from glistening lakes, and even the hustle and bustle of towns like Banff itself.

If you have not yet visited Banff, or are dreaming of returning, these webcams are bound to have you booking a trip! 

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Banff Sunshine Webcams

Banff Sunshine operates 8 different webcams and one live cam which are all available on its website. These webcams in Banff offer views across a number of spectacular vistas within the Banff Sunshine resort.  

Helpfully, each webcam features a name tag, altitude, date and time of last update, and the current temperature. The webcams are not always active, so may only show stills when accessed.  

Banff Sunshine webcams are available here: https://www.skibanff.com/conditions.

Sunshine Live Stream

The live cam, which runs all the time, offers the same view as the aurora cam. The sky is expansive, whilst still giving viewers a glimpse of the treetops and snow-capped mountains. The stream is relatively still making it perfect for relaxing and meditation. Occasionally a cloud will blow past, or a plane will fly over. 

sunshine village live cam

Height of Snow Webcam

The cam devoted to the amount of snow at Banff Sunshine!

height of snow webcam

Mount Assiniboine

The best webcams from Banff Sunshine include the view over the incredible Mount Assiniboine. The webcam is at an altitude of 3618m (11870ft). This jagged mountain top is perfectly framed by the webcam.  

 mount assinoboine webcam

Banff Sunshine Village

Banff Sunshine Village webcam looks down towards the resort area from a height of 2600m (8530ft). This webcam shows the date, time of last update, and the current temperature allowing you to plan your ski trip.

banff sunshine village webcam

Village View

Village View shows the ski village itself. From the webcam you can see the main resort area and ski lifts leading up the mountainside. The webcam is at an altitude of 2350m (7709 ft), and shows the date, time of las update, and current temperature. This webcam is a great way to see how busy the resort is before heading there for a day of skiing or snowboarding.

village view webcam

Great Divide Cam

The Great Divide Cam offers spectacular views across the Canadian Rockies from Banff Sunshine resort. The camera is at 2750m (9022ft), and has views over ski runs in the foreground. The date, time of last update, and current temperature are displayed.

great divide webcam

Strawberry Top

Strawberry Top webcam is at an altitude of 2100m (6889ft). The date, time of last update, and temperature are displayed.

This webcam is a great way to again check the business of the Banff Sunshine resort as skiers leave the ski lift and begin their day on the mountains.

strawberry top webcam

Trappers and Standish

The Trappers and Standish webcam overlooks one of the ski lodges and the ski lifts. Again, this is a great camera to tune into to check the business of the resort, and to identify the powder quality of the day.

The webcam is at a height of 2100m (6889ft) and displays date, time of last update, and current temperature.

trappers and standish webcam

Aurora Cam

Another highly recommended webcam in Banff Sunshine is the aurora cam. For those hoping to catch a glimpse of the awe-inspiring aurora borealis, this is the webcam to access. Positioned at an altitude of 2330m (7644ft), the webcam has mountain peaks and treetops just visible below a huge expanse of sky. 

aurora webcam

Standish Viewing Deck

Standish Viewing Deck offers incredible views across the snowcapped trees and the Canadian Rockies beyond. This camera shows date, time of last update, and current temperature. It is at an altitude of 2370m (7775ft).

For those simply longing for a view of the natural beauty of Banff and the surrounding area, this is definitely a webcam to check out.

standish viewing deck webcam

Mount Norquay Webcams

Mount Norquay’s webcams in Banff offers people the opportunity to see before they ski. There are three webcams on Mount Norquay; Cliffhouse, Cascade, and Sundance. The webcams offer up live aerial views over Banff and of the ski resort itself. The webcams are not fully live, however the feeds do regularly update.  

Mount Norquay webcams are available here: https://banffnorquay.com/winter/conditions/webcam/


Cliffhouse webcam is the best Mount Norquay webcam for breathtaking landscape views. The webcam is positioned at altitude to show not only the terraced area on the mountain, but also the views across the river, forests, and Canadian Rockies beyond.

cliffhouse webcam


Cascade camera features a date and time stamp. It shows a section of the ski run and the chairlift up to the higher points in the resort. This webcam is a great way to check weather and ski conditions before travelling.

cascade webcam


Sundance webcam looks towards the main lodge area and the forest beyond. The webcam features the date and time of last update.

sundance webcam

Tube Park

See all the fun as people take on the tube run at Norquay!

tube park webcam


Always a great webcam for snow enthusiasts (and weather noobs).

snowplot webcam

Lake Louise Ski Resort Webcams

Lake Louise Ski Resort has four main webcams in Banff National Park, looking out over a range of views within the resort. The webcams share views of different sections of the ski resort and the surrounding area. 

Each webcam has information on how often the feeds update, and the view available. 

The Lake Louise Ski Resort webcams are available here: https://www.skilouise.com/mountain-cam/?pd00=10393972.1668083009

Lake Louise 360° Super Cam

Lake Louise Ski Resort has an additional cam that is sure to inspire a visit. The super cam is at an altitude of 2410m (7906ft)The Lake Louise 360 Super Cam is an incredible panoramic camera capturing the most breath-taking areas of the ski resort. The camera spins 360 degrees showing viewers some of the best views within Banff National Park. This camera updates every 10 minutes during daylight hours, but the feed continually rotates allowing you to fully absorb the beauty of the area.  

The super cam goes beyond 360 degree views for those at home. By viewing the webcam and exploring further options that appear on screen, it is possible to do side by side comparisons of the same view at two different times. This allows the viewer to see how the light affects the vista, and make decisions on when is best to visit the resort.  

Super cam also shows the time, date, temperature and wind direction.  An option to select the best shots is also available, offering a spectacular selection of images from the top of the resort from different seasons and times of day. This webcam is without doubt one of the best webcams in Banff.  


Front Side & Whitehorn Summit

Front Side and Whitehorn Summit webcam updates every 60 second between 7am and 5pm mountain time. The camera is positioned on the Lodge of Ten Peaks and has views of Grizzly Gondola, Glacier Express Chair and the Learning Area of the ski resort.


Lodge of Ten Peaks

Looking towards the Lodge of Ten Peaks, this webcam shows the ski resort lodge and skiers as they come and go from the mountain. It updates every 60 seconds and runs 24 hours a day. The lodge itself is next to the base of Glacier Chair and is a great location to relax, unwind and aprè ski.

Beyond the lodge are views over the snowcapped Canadian Rockies.


Whitehorn Bistro Patio

One of the best webcams at Lake Louise Ski Resort is the Whitehorn Bistro Patio. The feed updates every 60 seconds between 7am and 7pm. The webcam is at 2042m (6700ft) above sea level and offers incredible views over the surrounding mountains. This is the perfect spot to return to if visiting the ski resort in person. 


Ptarmigan Webcam

Another top notch webcams to watch is the Ptarmigan webcam. Updating every 60 seconds between 7am and 5pm mountain time, the webcam show the view from the top of the Ptarmigan Chair. The larch area ski runs are visible from this webcam, as are the incredible mountains surrounding the resort. 


Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Webcam

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise has a 360-degree live camera perched on the roof of the hotel at an altitude of 1767m (5797ft). The camera captures incredible panoramic views looking across the hotel, the surrounding forests and the mountain ranges beyond.

The camera updates every 10 minutes during daylight hours. The webcam has the current date and time of last update, and shows wind direction and the latest temperature.

The Fairmont Lake Louise Webcam can be viewed here: https://www.chateau-lake-louise.com/webcam/


Webcams in Banff Town

Banff’s main webcam focuses on Banff Avenue, Caribou Corner and Cascade Mountain. The webcam relies on users updating the feed by refreshing their page, however it is a great way to see what is happening in the Rockies town.

The cameras are set up to run day and night to show the latest happenings in the town. During the day incredible views of Cascade Mountain are visible clearly on the webcams. 

The webcams are perfect for those planning daytrips to Banff in order to check weather, and to see how busy the town is. It is also a great way for those hoping to visit, or due to visit, the town for a longer stay to see what it is like ahead of time. 

Town of Banff Webcams are available here: https://banff.ca/1065/Traffic-Cameras

On the Corner of Banff Avenue and Caribou Street Looking North

This webcam captures another junction in Banff town. Visible on the webcam are some of the shops in the local area, with mountain views just visible to the right of the webcam. This is a great webcam to tune into to check on traffic in the town.

Town of Banff Webcam

On the Corner of Banff Ave and Moose Looking South

This traffic camera has a great view looking south through the town of Banff. The bases of mountains in the distance are visible. This traffic camera is a great way to check on parking spaces if visiting Banff for the day.

Town of Banff Webcam

Looking up Mountain Avenue Towards Sulphur Mountain

This webcam shows a key route leading away from Sulphur Mountain and back towards the town of Banff. Visible on the cam is Mountain Avenue, a parking lot to the left, forests in the mid ground and Sulphur Mountain itself partially visible in the background.

Town of Banff Webcam

On Buffalo Street Looking West Towards the Junction with Banff Avenue

This traffic camera focuses on a key junction in Banff. Again, it is a great camera to check the business of the town, particularly during skiing season. In the background of the camera thick green forests are visible.

Town of Banff Webcam

Looking North up Banff Avenue Across the Bow River Bridge

Bow River Bridge is a key route both in and out of the town of Banff. This is a great camera to tune into to check on how busy the town is. The camera refreshes approximately every 5 seconds.

Town of Banff Webcam

On Spray Avenue at Rundle Avenue, Looking South Towards the Banff Springs

This traffic cam has views of where Spray Avenue and Rundle Avenue meet. This is a great camera to tune into to check out road conditions as you head towards Banff Springs.

Town of Banff Webcam

On Mountain Avenue Looking up the Hill Towards the Gondola

Looking up towards the Gondola, this webcam is ideally placed for visitors checking how busy road conditions are before setting out towards the Gondola and the mountains for the day. It is also ideal for checking the weather conditions higher up.

Town of Banff Webcam

On Mountain Avenue Looking Down the Hill Towards Downtown Banff

This webcam clearly shows how busy Mountain Avenue is leading towards downtown Banff. Visible on the webcam is the intersection and the surrounding forest.

Town of Banff Webcam

At the Rimrock, Looking Towards the Gondola and Hot Springs

The live camera feed at the Rimrock shows the road conditions winding up towards Banff Gondola and the hot springs. The angle of the camera is quite steep however it does give excellent views of the road conditions, the mountains just visible to the right of the frame, and the hotel.

Town of Banff Webcam

On the Corner of Lynx Street and Wolf Street Looking South

This camera shows an important intersection in Banff. Not only does this camera offer information on how busy the town may be, but also has incredible views across the Canadian Rockies in the distance.

Town of Banff Webcam

At the Fenlands, Looking North Towards Cascade Mountain

The traffic cam at The Fenlands has great views looking north towards Cascade Mountain. It also clearly shows the current road conditions.

Town of Banff Webcam

At the Fenlands, Looking South Toward Downtown

Facing away from Cascade Mountain, this webcam at the Fenlands is positioned towards downtown Banff. This webcam provides details on the level of traffic in the area, and how busy the town may be.

Town of Banff Webcam

Train Station Lot Looking West

This is a great camera to check on parking spaces available in the western side of the train station parking lot. The views from the camera also show the spectacular Canadian Rockies, and views over the train tracks. A perfect camera to check out visitors arriving from Vancouver by train.

Town of Banff Webcam

Train Station Lot Looking East

This is a great camera to check on parking spaces available in the eastern side of the train station parking lot. This camera also has great views over the train tracks, and out towards the Canadian Rockies.

Town of Banff Webcam

Fairmont Banff Springs Webcam

For spectacular mountain views, tune into the Fairmont Banff Springs webcam. This webcam in Banff sits atop the hotel’s Gatehouse wing at an altitude of 1431m (4694.88). The webcam rotates 360-degrees offering views over the beautiful hotel and its incredible surroundings.

Fairmont Banff Springs webcam is interactive and updates every 10 minutes during daytime hours. The webcam displays current temperature, wind speed, weather, date and time, which is ideal for those looking to visit the hotel or the immediate surrounding area. It is an excellent way to visit the site of a future vacation to build up excitement. The maps interactivity makes it stand out from other webcams in Banff. By clicking on certain points of the map, landmarks, locations to visit and more are visible. Links on the webcam allow a further page to open which offers viewers more information about what they are seeing. 

Fairmont Banff Springs Webcam also offers comparative views across hours, days and even months, allowing for interesting comparisons to be made over certain points captured by the webcam. There is an additional option to view some of the best panoramic views captured by the camera which allow viewers to step back in time to see Banff at its most beautiful, and its most dramatic.

Fairmont Banff Springs webcams are available here: https://www.banff-springs-hotel.com/webcam/

Fairmont Banff Springs Webcam

The Banff Centre Webcam

Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity has a number of webcams set up across Banff to showcase the most beautiful areas of this part of the Canadian Rockies.

The Banff Centre Webcam is available at: https://www.banffcentre.ca/webcam/

Shaw Amphitheatre Webcam

This webcam is in the campus and shows the amphitheatre and Kinnear Centre for Creativity and Innovation. The webcam is not live but does update regularly, offering interested viewers a sight of the centre and some of its facilities. 

Shaw Amphitheatre Webcam

Spray Valley Webcam

The Spray Valley webcam at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity looks across Spray Valley. The valley is covered by thick woodland, and overlooked by towering snowcapped mountains. The webcam is live and features a directional note, the date and the time.

Spray Valley Webcam

Jenny Belzberg Theatre Webcam

The final webcam at the Banff Centre is the Jenny Belzberg Theatre webcam. It looks across the theatre and out towards Cascade mountain. Similarly to the Spray Valley webcam, the theatre webcam features direction note, date, and time.

Jenny Belzberg Theatre Webcam

Banff Gondola Webcam

Banff Gondola is one of the best ways to take in the sights of the national park, and the gondola webcam is no different. The webcams take in 360-degree views in real time. Banff Gondola webcams show the current weather conditions as well as some of the most alluring views within Banff National park.

The webcam is at the summit of Sulphur mountain. On the webcam there are views over the town of Banff below, the Bow Valley, and 6 further mountain ranges. Visible on the webcam is the Bow River, Tunnel Mountain, Mount Rundle, and Lake Minnewanka. In the foreground the observation deck at the top of the gondola is visible, as is the Sulphur Mountain boardwalk. 

The webcam runs 24 hours a day. At night, tune in for a chance to see the Northern Lights. 

One of the Best Webcams in Banff!

Banff Gondola’s webcam is interactive and a great way to get kids excited about their trip, as welll as adults with wanderlust. The webcams are interactive, and it is possible to change and rotate the camera view. Scrolling allows viewers to zoom into the images. The date and time can also be selected allowing views of hours or days gone by. Further options also open up the best shots taken by the webcam, and an access to all of the 360-degree views captured by the cameras. 

Like other webcams in Banff, the Banff Gondola webcam has labels to show key landmarks. 

Banff Gondola Webcam is available at: https://www.banffjaspercollection.com/attractions/banff-gondola/webcam/

Banff Gondola Webcam

Emerald Lake Lodge Webcam

The lodge cam at Emerald Lake is the perfect way to check out the conditions around the hotel and in the Canadian Rockies ahead of your upcoming trip.  

Emerald Lake Lodge cam is on the main lodge, a historical local landmark. The camera looks northeast over Emerald Lake and to the mountains and forests beyond. When the weather is clear, Emerald Lake is easily seen on the webcam through the trees in the far left, with Michael Peak and Wapta Mountains both on the right.  

The webcam does not run 24 hours a day, instead operating between 5am and 11pm. Emerald Lake Lodge webcam updates every 10 minutes. The webcam screen shows a link to the website, the date, and the time the feed was last updated. 

Despite the feed operating at times during the hours of darkness, it is still possible to get a clear image due to floodlights positioned carefully to light up the forest.  

Emerald Lake Lodge webcam can be watched on: https://crmr.com/resorts/emerald-lake/lodge-cam/

Emerald Lake Lodge Webcam

Rimrock Resort Hotel Webcam

Several hotels in Banff have webcams showing the beauty of the surrounding areas. 

The webcam is a live stream that runs for 24 hours a day. The stream is accessible through their website and on YouTube. The webcam has a date and time stamp visible. At night the camera is hard to read, with some light coming from the town of Banff. 

Rimrock Resort Hotel is on Sulphur Mountain, and thanks to the webcam’s careful positioning, it is possible to see Banff, Mount Norquay and Cascade Mountain on the feed. 

Rimrock Resort Hotel Webcam can be found at: https://www.rimrockresort.com

Rimrock Resort Hotel Webcam

Columbia Icefield Sky Walk Webcam

One of the best webcams in Banff is the Columbia Icefield Skywalk webcam. The webcam is located in the Columbia Icefield in the centre of a solar panel field by the skywalk.  

Whilst on the feed, it is possible to share stills from the webcam, and the live feed to friends or to social media channels.  

The webcam moves 360 taking in views, which are handily labelled. Views of Mount Wilcox, Columbia Icefield, Sunwapta River, and further glaciers including AA Glacier and Andromeda Glacier, can all be seen.

The feed updates approximately every 10 minutes. As the webcam updates, each shot is saved and added to the archives, which are fully accessible by searching for date and time. The archive goes back as far as 2019. Each archived images is a flat panoramic view captured by the webcam.  

Our Favorite Among Many Webcams in Banff

Timelapse images for the day are also available on the webcam, as well as comparison shots. Using the comparison feature interested viewers can compare dates and times of the same shot to see how the landscape differs depending on light, season, or weather. The comparison feature is not stationary, and still spins 360-degrees like the webcam feed when running live.   

A map is available showing the location of the webcam in relation to other webcams within the Banff National Park. It is also possible to download the current webcam data.  

One of the best features to explore on the Columbia Icefield Skywalk webcam is their best shots section. Here a range of shots are displayed as panoramic images taken at different times of day when displayed together. Some include heavy snowfall, and even the Northern Lights. When interacting with these shots, they return to the 360-degree spinning camera, which includes labels for key landmarks. 

Columbia Icefield Sky Walk Webcam can be viewed at https://www.skaping.com/columbiaicefieldskywalk

Columbia Icefield Sky Walk Webcam

Columbia Icefield Webcam

The Columbia Icefields webcam is another must-see webcam in Banff. The webcam offers 360-degree views over the Banff National Park and beyond towards Jasper.  

The webcam  does not update regularly, and at the time of writing was last updated more than 30 days ago. Despite its infrequent nature, the webcam does capture some spectacular views.  

There is the option to access the best shots from the webcam  looking across the ice fields at varying times of day, and in differing weather conditions. Unlike other webcams of a similar nature, the webcam does not feature labels of the surrounding mountains, however the view across the icefield is dramatic and spectacular in equal measure. The mountains visible from the webcam are Mount Athabasca, Mount Kitchener, and Mount K2. It is well worth checking out if exploring the icefield is on your Banff itinerary or wishlist.  

Columbia Icefield Webcam can be watched on: https://www.skaping.com/columbiaicefield

Columbia Icefield Webcam

The Banff Live Webcam

For those wanting to see more of the urban landscape, look no further than the Banff Live Webcam. The webcam updates every few seconds giving viewers a clear idea of what is happening in the town, how busy it is, and what the weather is like that day. The webcam shows views of Banff Avenue and the famous Caribou Corner.

In the background beyond the streets and cars, the base of Cascade Mountain can be seen with its forest covered face.

The Banff Live Webcam can be seen at: https://www.banfftours.com/banff-webcam/?pd00=1621481626.1666876556

The Banff Live Webcam

Lake Minnewanka Cruise

The webcam at Lake Minnewanka looks across the docks and towards the lake, with the boathouse behind. The webcam is not live but does update regularly throughout the day. This webcam is the perfect way to see if the weather is right for a cruise on the lake, or a sailing day.

Lake Minnewanka Cruise webcam is available at: https://www.banffjaspercollection.com/plan-your-trip/webcams/#/0

Lake Minnewanka Cruise

Elk + Avenue Hotel Webcam

Elk + Avenue Hotel webcam is the perfect way to observe downtown Banff from afar. The webcam looks directly south towards the magnificent Sulphur Mountain. The Banff Gondola is also visible on this webcam.

Elk + Avenue Hotel webcam is online at https://www.banffjaspercollection.com/plan-your-trip/webcams/#/0

Elk + Avenue Hotel Webcam

Maligne Lake Webcam

Despite not regularly updating, the Magline Lake webcam is filled with additional features to entice you to learn more. The webcam moves 360-degrees creating a spectacular panoramic view of the lake and the surrounding mountains and forests.

Like so many other webcams in Banff, the webcam at Magline Lake includes markers to identify key landmarks such as mountains.

Best shots are available, and it is possible to compare shots from different times, days, or months throughout the year to see how the landscape changes across seasons and weathers. 360-degree panoramic views can be downloaded and shared. An archive is also available to track previous footage.

Maligne Lake Webcam can be seen at: https://www.banffjaspercollection.com/plan-your-trip/webcams/#/0

Maligne Lake Webcam

Summary of Webcams in Banff

There are many webcams in Banff National Park that are worth visiting online before your Banff adventure. For those looking to plan a trip to Banff, they can help identify where to stay, the best time of the year to go, and when to hit a perfect powder day on the slopes. If you have visited the area before and are missing Banff and the surrounding area, it is a great way to relive past trips and see how the landscape is changing. For those desiring a trip to Banff that may not be possible at the moment, it is a great way to explore the sights without leaving your home. 

The best webcams offer live feeds, or are updated regularly. Equally, those that do not update as regularly but feature additional elements such as landmark labels and comparison options make for hours of fun.  

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