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Jasper, Alberta

by K Gordon Schultz

Boutique Hotels, Luxury Resorts and Rugged Alpine Wilderness: Welcome to Jasper

Jasper, Canada, may be small, but its roots in the Canadian Rockies – not to mention Canada’s history – run deep. The town has been around since 1813, when fur traders established an outpost here. Located 290 kilometers northwest of Banff, Jasper is a small town that avoids much of the trappings of many resort towns.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t draw visitors to enjoy its awe-inspiring scenery and unspoiled, rugged wilderness. Jasper has a permanent population of just 4,200, but during summer time that population can explode to as much as 30,000; millions of people visit Jasper and surrounding Jasper National Park and the Canadian Rockies each year.

Founded in 1907 as Canada’s sixth national park, Jasper National Park is the largest wilderness park in the Canadian Rockies. It is also an integral part of the UNESCO Rocky Mountain World Heritage Site. It is the scenery and wilderness preserved by the park that draw so many visitors to Jasper each year.

Located in the Athabasca River valley at its confluence with the Miette River and surrounded by several mountain ranges, Jasper town typifies all that is best about the Canadian Rockies: natural, unspoiled beauty, boundless opportunities for outdoor sports and recreation, and hotels and accommodations that provide a warm and welcoming place to stay for your adventure holiday or vacation in Canada.

Jasper Area Map

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Jasper Monthly Weather Averages

Month High (°C) Low (°C) Rain (mm) Snow (cm)
January -5 -14.6 4.5 30.5
February -0.9 -11.8 2.8 18.3
March 4.7 -7.1 5.1 16.9
April 10.8 -2.3 12 8.6
May 15.8 2.4 28.7 1.4
June 19.3 6.2 54.7 0.3
July 21.9 8.1 60.1 0
August 21.6 7.4 59 0.2
September 16.4 3.3 35.9 1.9
October 10.1 -1.2 22.1 8
November 0.4 -8.5 8.3 21.6
December -4.8 -13.6 3.4 30.3

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