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Zipline Tours near Banff National Park

by K Gordon Schultz

Zip Line Tours are Perfect for the Whole Family

If Banff ziplining doesn’t render you speechless, then the words you may utter are likely to be wow, amazing, or incredible followed by “I can’t wait to do this again”. There are several places offering ziplining tours in the Banff area and they are not to be missed.

The amazing thing about ziplining is you get a view of the forest like no other. You are above it, but not so high that you can’t see wildlife on the ground. You get to feel the rush of moving quickly through the trees, but you aren’t having to worry about staying on your skis. It is truly an experience like no other that lets you get out in nature with nothing around you but the clean, crisp air, sounds of nature, and views that are simply breathtaking.

Zipline Tours have Gained Popularity as a Remarkable and Exciting Way to Experience the Outdoors

The concept of using a rope or cable to allow people or goods to traverse distances has been around for more than 1,000 years! Far from the ropes used back then to cross steep valleys, modern ziplines are a marvel of advanced equipment and numerous safety protocols.

You’ve heard the saying, “it is so easy my kids could do it”. Well, they can. Banff ziplining is one of the more popular family activities people do on vacation here. It can be a great way to challenge yourselves together and share in an amazing experience that you will be talking about together for years.

Normally, companies have multiple zipline tours at their sites. Courses can be made up of several ziplines connected by platforms. The zipline itself is a very strong multi-strand steel cable with pulleys. A rider connects to it with a harness and safety hooks. Lines move from a higher position to a lower one, and gravity does the work of moving you along, even up to 50 kmh (30 mph).

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The Basics of Zipline Tours

Courses consist of a series of platforms that riders arrive at to unhook from one line and hook on to the next. Beginner courses are sometimes shorter as riders get comfortable with how things work. Often, there are trails or suspension bridges in between the different zipline tours. What makes for a great zipline experience is the time you are flying through the air, and multiple courses like at Valley Zipline Adventures can be thrilling. Which is a scenic 1.5 hour drive away from Banff National Park.

Arriving at a zipline location, you will go through an orientation and training on how to wear and use the equipment. You will be fitted with gear and then led by guides to the start of the course. Usually, you climb up to a platform, hook on, and away you go, following your guide. In between riding on the zipline, guides will share information about the flora and fauna of the area. 

Zipline Tours in Banff Offer Amazing Views!

The terrain around Banff, Alberta provides spectacular zipline opportunities. There are courses that move you through valleys, down mountainsides, and even over the Kicking Horse River. Not only can you see more of the luscious Canadian Rockies wilderness on a zipline that almost any other activity, you can do so with minimal impact to the land below you.

Sign up for your Banff ziplining adventure today. Whether you are a novice or have visited many courses, you can find the right opportunity and challenge for you, your family, or group of friends.

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