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Have a Green Meeting at the Banff Centre

by K Gordon Schultz

Have a Green Meeting at the Banff Centre

The amount of waste that can result from a business meeting is something that would possibly give a heart attack to any watching conservationists. There are many, many ways to minimize the damage done.

The Banff Centre is a Green Leaf Eco-Rated Member, with 4 Green Leaf status. What this basically means is that the Centre has been recognised for taking substantial steps towards environmental improvement. They do this through adopting industry best practices for energy efficiency, resource conservation and pollution prevention in the running of its business.

“Here, it is quite amazing how we have made everything so green. There is hardly any waste at all. There are more recycling bins than normal bins it seems! It really is well run.” – Helen, Banff Centre.

Here are some suggestions to cut down unnecessary waste:

  • Instead of memo’s, send emails to notify people of the meeting.
  • If mailings are unavoidable, double check to make sure everything is perfect to avoid returning mail.
  • If there are two options for a service needed for your meeting, both competitively priced, choose the more environmentally friendly option.
  • If handing out gifts, try to buy local and eco-friendly.
  • Participants should be encouraged to register for your meeting electronically..
  • Teleconferencing can save all sorts of money and paper. The Banff Centre has teleconferencing capabilities.
  • Ask your participants to bring their own pens and paper; they are less likely to be wasted.
  • Where possible, always print double sided.
  • Instead of printed minutes from the meeting, post it on your website after.
  • Use recycled paper for projects that require printing on-site. The Banff Centre has recycled paper available.
  • Bottled water is a completely unnecessary expense and hazard to the environment. Use the refillable water pitchers that are provided.
  • Share rides to the meeting either with car pooling or a shuttle bus.
  • If going downtown from the Centre, walk. It’s mighty close.
  • Use white boards with markers, rather than paper flip charts.
  • Use PowerPoint, overheads, or slide presentations, instead of printed hand-outs. Easier, cheaper, more efficient and better for the environment.
  • Turn off all electricity when not using it.

Ten Ways to Make Your Business Greener

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