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Scenic Walks on the Columbia Icefield

by K Gordon Schultz

Take a walk on a glacier near Jasper, Alberta

The Columbia Icefield is one of the gems of the Canadian Rockies. Set astride the Continental Divide, this icefield feeds six glaciers in the region. The Columbia Icefield has an overall area is 325 square kilometers, its depth reaches 1,180+ feet (360 m) and it receives an average of 275 inches (7 m) of snow per year.

The glaciers that are fed by the icefield include Castleguard Glacier, Columbia Glacier, Dome Glacier, Stutfield Glacier, Saskatchewan Glacier, and the Athabasca Glacier.

Waling tours of the Athabasca Glacier are available, taking visitors along the Forefield Trail.

Take the light hike up to the mammoth force of nature located at the northwest tip of Banff National Park/southern tip of Jasper National Park with a certified guide for an unforgettable experience in the Canadian Rockies.

During the approximately two-hour hike, visitors will learn about the retreating path of the mighty glacier and the importance of melt water. The human history of the area will also be part of the tour, as will facts about the plants and wildlife that thrive in this kind of harsh and cold environment.

The glacier is surrounded by some of the highest peaks in the Canadian Rockies, for example Mount Andromeda at 11,318 feet (3,450 m), Mount Athabasca at 11,453 feet (3,491 m), Mount Bryce at 11,505 feet (3,507 m), and Mount Columbia at 12,293 feet (3,747 m).

The tour is available from late May until late September, weather permitting. There are three departure times: 11 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. The tours can be purchased and leave from the Icefield Centre at the Columbia Icefield.

Warning: Don’t ever head out onto the glacier by yourself. Always take an experienced guide. Glaciers can be dangerous! Also, please be aware that rubber soled shoes should be worn for this excursion.

Call 1-800-760-6934 or visit Explore Rockies to book your excursion today!

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