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Nightlife Quickpicks in Edmonton, Alberta

by Chris Smith

Like Banff, Edmonton’s nightlife has always had a great reputation and recently it has grown even more. The most popular street to go out by far is the ever-popular Whyte Avenue, concentrated between 109 Street and 99 street. It is best to discover for yourself where the vibe is when you get here but listed below are some places that are always great.

  • Attic is a favourite dance club for the college age crowd.
  • 100 is an up and coming new restaurant/lounge in Edmonton.  The ‘cool’ place to be changes so fast that by the time this is read, the next big thing might well have changed so keep your eyes open!
  • Cook County Saloon is an older fashioned Canadian dance bar that plays mostly country music and has regular line dancing competitions. A great choice for the foreign visitor.
  • Empire Ballroom is a confusing one as it is actually located in a mall but don’t be put off. The dancing starts early and it doesn’t stop for a long time.
  • Havana would be the best choice for live music aficionados. There is someone playing every weekend.
  • Casinos: Ah the dangerous draw of a casino. There are a number of casinos in Edmonton for visitors who wish to place their bets. The good news is as you walk out of the casino staring at your wallet bitterly, you can pretend you were doing a good deed as all the money earned by casinos actually goes to local charities.

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