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Best Themed Bar in Banff

by Chris Smith

I never really understood what a themed bar was. I figured if I was in Ireland, it was an Irish bar unless it said Papa Giorgio’s Italian barra (probably not how it is spelt). Well Banff has a nightlife to compete with any of the big cities in the world and it being so small means you can literally visit them all if you have the energy, money and staying power. So in my calculations, a Canadian bar in Banff is anything that is named after a native animal. Examples: The Elk, The Bison, Timber’s (kind of like Timberwolves’s).

One of the half empty / half full famous margaritas of the Magpie and Stump!

With this in mind, I am going to announce hypocrisy in my own blog and announce the Magpie and Stump as the best themed bar in Banff. In my defence, the Magpie is not a Canadian saying and is in fact an old saying from olde England. St. James’ Gate is a good Irish bar, Wild Bill’s is a fun …western bar and the Pump and Tap is an apt English bar but The Magpie and Stump is the only bar / restaurant that really fulfills its description as a themed bar.

Its menu as far as food is concerned is massive and delicious. If you decide to have a bite to eat, keep in mind how big the portions are. You can definitely share a main course. Every day there is a different special on and there is a great selection of margaritas to attempt to drink. When the sun comes out, there is a great late afternoon drinking spot outside. The decorations are so over the top that you can’t help but feel like you are indeed in the craziness of a Mexican bar but with less moustaches and kidnap threats! Best bar in Banff award goes to the Magpie and Stump located on Caribou Street.

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