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Dining Specials in Banff – Tommy’s Neighbourhood Pub

by K Gordon Schultz

Tommy’s Neighbourhood Pub – 120 Banff Avenue, Alberta

Ahh good old consistent, cheap, laid back Tommy’s! It is one of the only bars in Banff that feels quite normal. No disrespect meant but it is also one of the only bars that doesn’t have beautiful young ladies serving. I never thought I would say it but it is actually refreshing to be served by a normal person! Tommy’s is darkish, slightly underground and has some excellent food and drinks specials. If this is not what you are after for dining in Banff– stop reading now!

Every day there is a different food special for less than $10 including great hamburgers, BLT’s and turkey wraps. Every day, however, is steak special day. You get a steak sandwich (though technically only one piece of bread doesn’t make it a sandwich) with fries and salad for less than $10. The steak is delicious and extremely filling. You are served fast and in a nice relaxed manner.

The biggest problem with going for a steak in Tommy’s is that you may never leave. The plasma TV screens are always showing live sports and I think I mentioned the drinks are cheap! There are two dart boards down the back where you can get worse and worse as you drink. Tommy’s really is quite unique to Banff and anybody looking for a relaxing beer and delicious steak could do a lot worse!

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