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Best Beer Deck in Banff, Alberta

by K Gordon Schultz

Sunniest Beer Deck in Banff National Park

92 Banff AvenueBanff, AB

(403) 762-2550

I have made certain mathematical equations to decide which bar in Banff is best for enjoying a beer in the sun. You have to take the most likely time you will be drinking multiplied by the position of the sun at said time and you are getting close. Wild Bill’s is superb for the early afternoon drinkers from the second floor looking right down on the centre of Banff Avenue. However, for those who have just worked, skied or boarded and aren’t ready for a beer then the Legion (right by Bow River Bridge) is the easy and obvious winner.

It has the cheapest beers in town and from early afternoon until dark, you have full access to the shining sun set against its mountainous canvas. There are plenty of bench spaces around so you can sit with a big group and chat away while watching the world go by outside. It is not uncommon to see a deer, elk or an Irishman peer enviously over the balcony.

The best thing about the Legion is that it is underestimated. Very few tourists go here as it hasn’t got the reputation of other bars in town. It hasn’t got an atmosphere to brag about but this is why you can go here with a big group of friends and create your own fun. If you are sitting in your Banff hotel wondering if there is such thing as a quiet old locals bar in Banff – take a stroll into the Legion and bring your beer out on deck.

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