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Miki Japanese Restaurant – Dining in Banff

by K Gordon Schultz

Miki Japanese Restaurant – Dining in Banff

I am only recently a fish man. By this, I don’t mean I turned into a fish overnight. I have only been eating fish for less than a year which means sushi was off limits more or less. Banff, however is packed full of Japanese restaurants. Partly because of the huge amount of Japanese tourists and partly because people just love good sushi, these dining options have popped up everywhere. Last night I took my second ever trip to a Sushi restaurant in Banff where it just happened to be all you can eat! A good way to practice!

Connected to the Inns of Banff hotel just inside Banff if coming from Calgary, it is a restaurant with a view. Though it is a bit out of town if you are walking, it makes up for the inconvenience with killer views of the mountains from the big wide windows on the second floor. The servers are extremely attentive and friendly and do their best to explain to simpletons like me how the ordering technique works. The only problem with the ‘all you can eat’ philosophy is that you have to pay for whatever you don’t eat. For an apprehensive seafood eater, this could have been a problem if I wasn’t with some eating machines.

The food is made in front of you by the chef and the quality of the food is surprisingly good considering the quantity. Everything from the spicy salmon sushi to the broccoli tempura was excellent. The chicken wings were the only dodgy thing on the menu but that serves me right for sticking in my comfort zone. The drinks are very fairly priced. Endless Japanese tea costs $1.50 a cup or you can get a half litre of wine for only $12. All in all, it was an excellent feed topped off by some delicious ice-cream. Miki is definitely a recommendation for dining in Banff.

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