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Where to shop in Banff for souvenirs

by K Gordon Schultz

When I travel, I like to bring home gifts that are unique to the country I’m visiting. I try to pick-up things locals buy too, not just tacky key chains or t-shirts. If you also like to hunt for authentic keepsakes, try the following stores:

  • The Bear and the Butterfly (214 Banff Ave) On top of typical Canadian keepsakes, this store has loads of art, books and jewellery created by locals. Plus, it’s the only store in Banff that is not-for-profit; proceeds generated are put towards Park programs.
  • Rocky Mountain Soap Company (204 Banff Ave) Be warned, it’s a girly store and fruity scents hit you before you even enter. They offer 100% natural body products that are handmade in Canmore, Alberta. It’s a great place to browse for gifts for your mom/sister/grandma/girlfriend.
  • Lululemon Athletica (121 Banff Ave) I know, I know, this store is pretty global now but it’s still a Canadian brand. If you haven’t even heard of Lulu yet, it’s a must. The clothes are for yogis and active types. Their mantra can be a much but the clothes are just so damn comfortable. Get some pants to wear if you have a long journey home—you won’t regret it.
  • A Liquor Store or Banff Wine Store (302 Cariboo St) When all else fails, bring home some brew. You can’t go wrong with a nice Canadian Ice wine. If you’re shopping for the here and now, try Grizzly Paw (brewed in Canmore) or Traditional by Big Rock (Calgary’s based brewery). The locals shop here often, promise.

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