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Golf Review – Tip Top Silver Tip

by K Gordon Schultz

Silver Tip Golf Course – Canmore, Alberta

Park Rangers need to relax too and there is no better way to release stress than a refreshing round at the gentlemen’s game. I have golfed a fair few of the courses around the Rockies and there are by no means a shortage. Silver Tip is one, however, that really made me want to come back again and again – if only i could afford it!

The Fairways

The views are terrific and the course is under great management. The fairways roll with the the slope of the hills leaving your ball in often tricky situations. The plus side of this is that you have to really use all your skill and knowledge to pull out the special shots needed.

The Greens

The greens were exceptional. It felt more like a boules lawn than a golf course. The tiniest overhit of the ball could spell disaster but again, it all really adds to the challenge of the course. Besides, the greens were so big and open that at least you had a chance of using your putter twice! I spent enough time examining the bunkers that i can give a very honest and thorough opinion. They are difficult but managable if a bit of patience is shown.


There is no doubting that this course is an expensive one (revised rates in 2019 have brought their pricing down) especially during peak season but you would expect nothing less from a course of this class.

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