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Local Secrets of Banff

by K Gordon Schultz

Local Secrets of Banff, Alberta

There are some obvious beauties in Banff National Park and then some that are a little more hidden. One of my favourites until recently was the Banff Swing on the road to Johnston Canyon. Unfortunately the worlds (rich politicians) have become health and safety freaks and the swing was completely torn down thus ruining what was one of Banff’s true gems. However, there are a ton of things to do to get off the beaten track and see unique sights of Banff that not many others have.

One of these is beautifully easy and good for those who are a bit on the lazy side! The Banff Centre is located above Banff up winding Tunnel Mountain Road. There are several ways to walk up here and all are equally beautiful but one way stands out. Start off at the Bow River and turn at the Legion. Here you will follow a path along the river with gorgeous overhanging tress and the rushing water careering downstream. On your left you will see some of the most beautiful houses in the world where you can ogle and make a mental note to do the lottery later on. Follow this path to its natural end until you end up on the road.

You can follow the road up around Surprise Corner, which is beautiful but instead find a relatively easy (don’t look here Health and Safety guys!) route to what looks like a cliff. Just make the short hike all the way up towards the Banff Centre. Not only is it a short cut but the views down on Banff are really stunning and guess what, there is a little swing up here too! It may not be as private or dramatic as the original Banff swing but heck it’s a victory for the little guy!

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