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Activities in Banff National Park, Canadian Rockies

by K Gordon Schultz

Explore Banff your own way all year round.

Nature’s wonderland in the Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park invites its visitors to partake in a stunning array of activities and tours. Choose your favorite activity to explore Banff all year round.

Summer / Spring

Winter / Fall

Backpacking Backpacking
Bird Watching Bird Watching
Biking Biking
Camping Camping
Canoeing Cave Tours
Cave Tours Corporate Planning
and Retreats
Corporate Planning
and Retreats
GPS Tours
Fishing Guided Tours
Guided Tours Heli-Hiking
GPS Tours Hiking
Heli-Hiking Hot Springs
Hiking Ice Climbing
Hot Springs Skiing
Mountain Climbing Snowshoeing
Rafting Wedding Ceremonies
Scuba Diving Wildlife Viewing
Swimming Zipline Tours
Wildlife Viewing
Wedding Ceremonies
Zipline Tours

An FYI on Guided Activities in Banff National Park

Many local guide companies are licensed by Parks Canada to offer their services within Banff National Park, allowing you to partake in guided hiking tours, snowshoeing trips, backpacking and mountaineering activities, and much, much more.

Choose your guide company carefully. Look for guides who are accredited by either or both the following professional organizations-the Interpretive Guides Association or the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides-which uphold the highest standards of local knowledge and safety.

For those interested in a guided hiking, snowshoeing or mountaineering experience, any company offering back-country guiding services in Banff National Park must possess a guided outdoor activity license prior to commencing guiding activities.

Prohibited Activities in Banff National Park

The following prohibited activities violate the principles of Banff National Park:

* Collecting natural (eg. wildflowers, rocks, mushrooms, berries) or cultural objects (eg. arrowheads)
* Hunting
* Motorized off-road traveling
* Ice Fishing
* Snowmobiling
* Paragliding
* Parachuting
* Hang gliding or any heavier-than-air aircraft
* Using personal watercraft (seadoos, wave runners, jet skis, super jet, etc).

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