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by K Gordon Schultz

Heighten your Banff, Alberta experience: Visit the world of caves

“This is a special world where few people venture”
Jeff Adams, Calgary Herald

For those who are physically fit and looking for the ultimate Banff/Canmore area experience, well, cave touring is what you want to do.

Come visit a world few see. Canmore Caverns Ltd provides premium cave tours primarily to the adventure tourist market in Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise and Alberta. Our happy client base includes many adventure enthusiasts from all over Canada, North America and Europe.

Localy owned, Camore Caverns is a family-run cave guiding business operating in the beautiful Canadian Rockies.

Banff Travel Cave Tours

Explore the depths of the Canadian Rockies by adventuring into the limestone cave on Grotto Mountain with tours offered by Banff Travel. Highly trained and experienced guides will lead you through thousands of years of history told by the carved limestone.

Discover deep caverns, ancient fossils, and mineral formations through the guided treks in the cave. The adventure tour offers a rappel experience from an 18m (60ft) drop that allows participants to traverse through narrow passageways. The explorer tour offers a similar itinerary without the rappel.

Banff Travel suggests that participants should be physically active and wear light shoes with moderately warm clothing. Make sure to bring a water bottle and a camera to document your adventure.

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