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Shopping in Banff: Books and Music

by K Gordon Schultz

Banff, Alberta Bookstores & Music Stores

Pick up a field guide, a new album from your favorite musician and a juicy novel and you’ll be set for any downtime that may pop up during your vacation in the Canadian Rockies. What could be more relaxing than reading, lying in the sun of an alpine meadow surrounded by mountain peaks and wildflowers? Or are your eyes too tired? Put on your headphones and just float away with the music and gorgeous scenery. Read below for a couple of bookstores and music stores in Banff where you can stock up.

CD Plus
Because music can be your soundtrack to your Banff National Park vacation, why not pick up a new album? It will help you remember your trip every time you listen to it! Movies, video games and accessories also available.
Address: 317 Banff Ave. (Cascade Plaza), Banff, AB
Phone: (403) 762-4898

Woodruff & Blum
This bookstore is located in Lake Louise. They specialize in books about hiking, climbing, mountain biking, and many more activities that you can partake in while in the area. They also sell field guides, trail guides, and many more books about Banff, Canada, Lake Louise and the Canadian Rockies.
Address: 101 B Lake Louise Drive (Samson Mall), Lake Louise, AB T0L 1E0
Phone: (403) 522-3842

Indigo Spirit
Pick up a light read or delve into one of the classics at this bookstore located in the Cascade Plaza shopping center in downtown Banff.
Address: 317 Banff Ave., (Cascade Plaza), Banff, AB
Phone: (403) 760-2920

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