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3 Reasons for Buying Handspun Yarn in Banff

by K Gordon Schultz
handspun yarn

Visions of touring the area around Banff, Alberta has most thinking of picturesque mountains, stunning lakes, and outdoor activities such as rafting, hiking, golfing, and camping. When the weather pushes you inside, you feel like doing some shopping, or just want to dig a little deeper into the culture of the area, consider checking into the fiber arts outlets.

Benefiting the Ranchers and Farmers

Many ranchers in the area raise sheep and alpaca for their fleece. If you like to knit, crochet or felt wool, it might be interesting to learn a bit more about the origination of these fibers. Depending on the community you are visiting, Banff, Lake Louise, Canmore, Japser, ask if there are local ranchers that offer tours of their facilities. Each year, one can find local fairs and festivals celebrating the local community and this usually includes animal growers. This might be an excellent opportunity to see some animals close up.

Handspun Yarn Is Made By Local Artists

If you want to support the fiber artists in the area, consider shopping at local shops that have goods made nearby. Handspun yarn can be used to make your own scarf or hat that will always remind you of your trip. Handspun yarns are often dyed by hand as well, and result in very special colorways that simply aren’t available commercially. Blending the skill of a local spinner with your own knitting or crochet can make a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

Buying Handspun Yarn Supports Local Businesses

Not a crafter yourself? Many shops in the area feature the work of local artisans including hooked rugs and hand-knitted items. Buying local artisan goods is an excellent way to support the local artist community and have a reminder of the unique culture of the Banff area in a practical, useful item you can take back home.

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