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Shopping Malls of Banff

by K Gordon Schultz

Shopping Malls of Banff

Cascade Plaza Mall
This is by far the biggest mall in Banff and boasts an array of shops as well as a huge bottom floor made up of mostly eating options. The food court is comparable to any big mall in North America. If you have walked around Banff a few times looking for something, chances are, it’s hiding in here.

Sundance Mall
Much smaller than its neighbour but it has some superb hidden treasures such as the best internet cafe in town, Banff Travel and the best restaurant in town – Nourish.

ClockTower Mall
Now home to the best live TV Camera in the Rockies, the ClockTower Mall is the home of some great jewellers, the best Thai food in town, the biggest nightclub in the Bow Valley and soon to be home of the new Banff Brewery which promises to be one of the most popular bars in the Canadian Rockies.

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