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Unique Summer Activities in Banff – Canoeing

by K Gordon Schultz

Canoeing in Banff National Park, Alberta

Banff is well renowned as a place brimming with fun and activities. In winter, there is snow shoeing, skiing, snow boarding and ice skating. In summer, it can be as simple as a beautiful hike, bike trip or for something a little more adventurous – canoeing. Canoeing and Canada go together like McDonalds and obesity. Long before the white man landed, canoes have been the preferred form of transport and there are few better places to do it than right in the centre of Banff on the Bow River.

Blue Canoes are based right down on the river. If you are coming from town, walk down Caribou Street until you hit the beautiful emeraldy turquoise (not a professional description) coloured water. You will see a little hut and you can just walk up here to rent a canoe either hourly or for the day.

It really is one of the most peaceful and serene experiences you will have in Banff National Park and a great way to see wildlife without disturbing them. You will get to glide along the waterways of the Bow Valley including 40 Mile Creek and Vermillion Lakes. The scenery is stunning and if you trust yourself not to get your camera wet, you will get back to dry land with some of the most serene and beautiful photos of the Canadian Rockies.

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