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Cave Tours in Banff and the Rockies

by K Gordon Schultz

Explore ancient caves in Banff, Alberta

You will likely have heard of most of the great activities on offer in the Canadian Rockies like rafting, horseback riding and kayaking but one you may not know so much about is cave tours. There aren’t many of these kind of tours in the world so it really is a unique chance to physically get into the Canadian Rockies! Based just outside the gates to Banff National Park is Canmore Cave Tours.

Unlike many seasonal activities around Banff, caving is a year round experience. Despite the name, the Rat’s Nest Cave is something special. It is wild, undeveloped cave under Grotto Mountain. Wild really means wild here with no interior lighting, no handrails, no walkways – it is basically the same as it was when first formed. As well as being fun, it is an educational tour. You will discover how caves form, find out how both humans and animals have used these caves and also all about the geology of the beautiful Bow Valley area.

As well as having one of the best natural surrounds for cave tours, Canmore Cave Tours also has a great staff. The knowledgeable guides start you off with a natural history tour of the exciting underground world through unpredictable twists and turns and passages and chambers full of stalactites and stalagmites. When you reappear into the fresh Rockies’ mountain air and make your way back towards Banff or Canmore, you will have some of the best memories of your vacation with you.

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