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Stay in Canmore to save on hotels and lodging

by K Gordon Schultz

Canmore, Alberta hotels have great deals

Canmore, Alberta is a great place to go to save a few dollars on lodging. It’s only 20 minutes from Banff and you have to pass by it on the way from Calgary.

Canmore has hotels and Inns from the cheap to the upscale. (The Ranger is a man who looks for deals, except for when I bring my better half)

The smarter and prettier side of my family had us bunk up at The Away Inn, a nice little bed and breakfast here in Canmore. Their rates are in the $80 range and the folks who run it are the best. It’s a tiny two bed B and B so you had better book in advance.

Generally, you can save about 20 to 30 percent by just staying 20 minutes away from Banff.

The Park Ranger is your friend in so many ways. I tell you where to go, what do do….hell, you hardly have to think! If you run into me at one of my favorite watering holes, I will expect a brew or two.

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