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Dining in Banff – Best Restaurant – Nourish Bistro

by K Gordon Schultz

Dining in Banff – Best Restaurant – Nourish Bistro

After living in Banff for quite some time and dining in almost every single restaurant, the choice really should be a little harder than this. Nourish Bistro, hidden away upstairs in the Sundance Mall, is not just the best dining experience in Banff but in all the Rockies’ including Calgary and Edmonton. It is a strange sort of place where you really feel like you are in a different world. It feels like some sort of Buddhist den tucked away in the Canadian Rockies and the atmosphere is only the start of it.

The chefs in Nourish Bistro must be geniuses. Remember that this is actually a vegetarian restaurant but rather than limit the options, it does the opposite. Furthermore, it definitely dismisses the old rumour that vegetarian food doesn’t fill you up. I pretty much wobbled out of the place. Thank goodness it was all down the stairs on the way back. The food comes out one by one so the general consensus is that everyone shares everything. The Nachos arrived first with a ton of flavour and strange ingredients such as lychee and pineapple that worked perfectly. This was closely followed by the Paneer Cheese Curry which was one of the best meals I have ever had. The shepherds Pie, stuffed pepper and burrito were absolutely stunning and by the time the plates were cleared, the thought of ingesting more food was enough to make me run to the toilet.

The drinks menu is as unique and delicious as the food menu. It is a very small restaurant and the server gave us the most personal attention so a comfortable situation was made even more perfect. His advice on which foods to choose was flawless and despite the intricacy it must take to arrange these dishes, we really didn’t have to wait too long at all. Banff National Park is the kind of place that can make you feel extremely healthy with the fresh mountain air, skiing, hiking, etc. Nourish is the perfect way to finish a healthy day and prepare for the next. Do not miss this place when in Banff.


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