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Buying Property in Banff, Alberta

by K Gordon Schultz

Real Estate – Buying Property in Banff

So you took a vacation to Banff and found it hard to leave. You were taking a stroll down Banff Avenue and saw a house for sale. Properties jumped out at you everywhere. ‘Land For Sale’,’ Home for Sale’ – the words are running through your head as you picture yourself living in the clean mountain air of the Canadian Rockies. Well, property is not cheap up here nor is it particularly easy to get around the complicated legal issues but when you step into your Banff home for the first time, it is all completely worth it.

Need to Reside

You need to be an eligible resident. This basically means you have to be someone who is employed or has a business in Banff National Park. Remember, Banff being a National Park makes everything a little different and a bit more difficult. This also means you can not own vacation rental property.

What to Do

Cry. Once you are done crying, look into being employed in Banff National Park. If this is not possible, the answer is simple. Canmore. Located only a 20 minute scenic drive away, Canmore is equally beautiful, less touristy and it has a café that is seemingly staffed with Miss Universe contestants. Prices are cheaper; it is outside the National Park boundaries so no legal loopholes and they have a café with gorgeous staff…did I already say that? Buying property in the Rockies needn’t be so difficult. The houses in Canmore are just begging to be called homes.

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