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Best Coffee Shop in Banff

by K Gordon Schultz

The Best Coffee Shop in Banff

If ‘people watching’ is one of your favourite sports, you are going to love Banff. So many different kinds of people stroll up and down the streets of this gorgeous little town. Window shopping is a big favourite amongst tourists as is stopping in for a beer in one of the many pubs or if it’s that bit too early – a coffee. Though Banff doesn’t have many commercial franchises, it does have a Starbucks (and a half) one in Safeway. I would love to say it’s terrible but truth be told, it does great coffee, has a warm atmosphere and friendly staff. There is also three Evelyn’s Cafe’s (and counting) and a Second Cup. However, it is the hidden hippy cafe on Bear Street that for me is the winner of Best Cafe in Banff- the WildFlour.

‘People watching’ is also one of my favourite pastimes and this cafe is an ideal place to do it. Grab the best latte in town, sit at the window, pretend to read a newspaper and just watch the world go by. Admittedly it is a bit pricier than other options around town – and this says a lot compared to Starbucks. However, there is a difference. Each coffee or tea is prepared personally and with care. All the girls that work there have a passion for caffeine that is shared with their customers. The cafes itself is big and bright and though it can, at times, get a bit too busy for my liking, it has a very welcoming feeling.

The Wildflour is also the only cafe in Banff that offers a proper menu for sandwiches and soups. Some of the options are a bit off the wall but compared to the plastic packaged sandwiches you find elsewhere, this is a nibbler’s heaven. If you have some time free in Banff and you want to relax and enjoy a good espresso cafe and uniquely delicious food, this is not just your best option but your only one!

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