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The Parks of Canada on a Budget – Jasper National Park

by K Gordon Schultz

10 Incredible National Parks of Canada: Jasper National Park

There is so much to do is Jasper that you will have to plan times when to relax. Everything bursts with energy here from the raging rivers, crashing waterfalls to one of the world’s most accessible glaciers. It is only 142 miles from Banff for those who are stationed around the main park.

There are tons of things to do from activities like white water rafting to biking the wooden trails to soaking in the hottest mineral pool in the Rockies (Miette Hotsprings). However, one of the main reasons people come, and one of the best reasons to choose here while travelling on a budget is because it is so darn easy to bump into wildlife. Most of the animals are confused about why you would want to watch them eating grass and most of them don’t have wallets anyway so it’s a beautiful, free arrangement.

When to go: Mid-June to Sept 1. Awesome ski mid-December through spring.

Wildlife: Everywhere, but for the big boys, the 29-mile drive to Maligne Lake is the best option. You are likely to catch glimpses of bears, moose, and deer on a single outing. In town, don’t be surprised to see curious elk peeking from between train cars.

Where to stay: The Athabasca Hotel is traditionally cheap but have a look at all options with http://www.hotelsinjasper.org/

Don’t miss: Remarkably, larger than the city of Vancouver, Athabasca Glacier sends melted snow and ice to three oceans–the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific–as well as to powerful Athabasca Falls. The views are so incredible that you can even see it from your car as you drive by.

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