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Shopping in Banff: Alternative

by K Gordon Schultz

Find what you’re looking for in Banff, Alberta

Check out Banff’s alternative side in these downtown stores featuring hemp products and more! Read below for details about items ranging from mild to wild.

Frozen Ocean
This Canadian shop has clothing for every season- sweaters and coats in the winter and jeans and shorts in the summer. Check out their high quality hemp and cotton made goods!
Address: 317 Banff Avenue (Cascade Plaza), Banff, AB T1L 1A9
Phone: (403) 760-2932

Hempire has a large selection of hemp and related products. Come and browse their interesting items!
Address:226 Bear Street, Banff, AB
Phone: (403-) 762-4242

Heads or Tail
This alternative store sells everything from designer clothing to smoking accessories. Stocked items include hemp products, lingerie, bath products, the Kama Sutra, adult videos, lubes, toys, games, books, body piercing jewelry, belts, hats and more!
Address: 215 Banff Avenue (Sundance Mall), Banff, AB T1L 1A4
Phone: (403) 762-5220

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