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Recent Rains Contain Wildfires in the Canadian Rockies

by K Gordon Schultz

Summer in the mountains brings a mix of heat, cold, rain, sometimes snow and the inevitable event of forest fires.

The one that everyone’s had their eye on lately is the Spreading Creek wildfire which crept inside Banff National Park earlier this week. The fire was visible from the Icefield Parkway and had many travelers concerned about safety as they made their way north and south between Jasper and Banff. The parkway was closed as firefighters worked to contain the blaze then reopened at certain times of the day to allow people road access.

Thankfully, recent rain and decreased fire activity has allowed the blaze to be held. Workers anticipate that the fire will not grow past the predetermined boundaries they have created. Travel between Jasper and Banff on the famous Icefield Parkway is flowing normally as the fire has been contained and is no longer visible from the road though the aftermath is quite a sight to behold. Those traveling east and west along the Trans-Canada Highway are unaffected by the wildfire in Banff National Park and the towering peaks remain in full view.

What does this mean for people who are traveling, living, and working in the mountain parks? The majestic peaks of the Canadian Rocky Mountains are in full view once again. The lakes are still beautifully turquoise, the mountains are still a little snow-capped, the rivers are swift and high and the wildlife is active! People are outdoors making the most of what the area has to offer. Hiking, biking, climbing, and whitewater rafting are full steam ahead. Communities and businesses in the park remain undeterred and are operating as usual as peak season brings thousands of visitors to this amazing landscape.

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