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The National Parks of the Canadian Rockies

by K Gordon Schultz

The National Parks of the Canadian Rockies

So you have decided to take a trip to the Canadian Rockies but you are not altogether sure exactly what is what. How many National Parks are there? How far is Jasper from Banff National Park? Below is some essential information about the Rockies before you make the trip!

• There are five national parks located within the Canadian Rockies. Four of these interlock and make up the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site.

• These four parks are Banff, Jasper, Kootenay and Yoho.

• Yoho has the funniest name of the four.

• There are also four provincial parks that adjoin the National Parks. These are Hamber, Mount Assiniboine and Mount Robson.

• Jasper is about a 3.5 hour drive from Banff or just 3 hours from Lake Louise.

• If you are staying in Banff National Park, you must pay a fee for a park pass. Prices here. If you are just passing through, you don’t need to pay a penny.

A visit to Banff, Jasper or any of the National Parks promises to be one of the best vacations you will ever have. There is a practically endless list of activities to do which is perfect for the family, a boys golfing holiday or a girls getaway.

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