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Eating and Drinking in Banff – Eddie’s Burger Bar

by K Gordon Schultz

Eddie’s Burger Bar: Banff, Alberta

In all the time I have lived in Banff, I must have walked by Eddie’s a thousand times without going in. I was under many wrong impressions. I thought it was cramped and very expensive. I was wrong on both counts. Though small, it has tables around the back where you can sit comfortably in space and in privacy. I ordered a jug of beer at the bar expecting it to cost my rent. In reality it was $12 making it one of the cheapest options to drink in Banff. It is a very cool little bar / restaurant.

Renowned for its trashcans, Eddie’s has long been a local favourite. I still don’t know exactly what a trashcan is but it involves something green, a can of red bull and a lot of alcohol. Though I wasn’t planning to stay for food, we ended up hanging around long enough having a good time that the hunger hit. Again, the food was surprisingly affordable and not surprisingly delicious. The lamb burger and fries certainly satisfied my simple tastes.

If there is one thing Banff is not short of, it’s burger bars but whereas Wild Bills for example is elaborate, overpriced and full of tourists, Eddie’s is where the locals go. It’s not that there is anything wrong with Wild Bills; it is simply a better eating experience in Eddie’s. I will definitely be frequenting Eddie’s more often and one day soon I will find out what is actually in a Trashcan and share it with the world!

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