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Dinner Specials in Banff National Park

by K Gordon Schultz

Dinner Specials in Banff National Park

In all my time in Banff, I have eaten in pretty much every restaurant. Nourish Vegetarian Bistro remains my favourite for its uniqueness and frank deliciousness but there are plenty of other excellent and cheaper options around town especially if you pay attention to the daily specials. For example, on Tuesday’s, the Elk on Banff Avenue has a steak special for $8 which is probably one of the best deals in Canada let alone Banff! On Monday nights, Bruno’s has a burger and poutine special that deserves to be noted.

If you have finished a long day hiking or skiing and are in need of a quick, good, cheap and big feed – on a Monday this is your best option. The poutine is massive and only $5 while the burger of the day is only $10. They are extremely filling and delicious meals. Bruno’s has got one of the most relaxed atmospheres in town party due to its abundance of staff from New Zealand! It is the kind of place, you can go in for a meal and a jug of beer and leave feeling extremely satisfied with you and your wallet nicely full.

If you stick around long enough, chances are that from Wednesday to Sunday, Bruno’s will kick into nightlife mode by 10pm. It attracts a fun loving younger kind of crowd who turn the restaurant into a bar for its final hours. If you just can’t enough of it or you have fallen in love with one of the Kiwi servers, you can return in the morning for a big Banff breakfast which is definitely in the top 3 breakfasts in town along with Melissa’s and Coyotes.

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