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Curling in Canmore – Canadian Rockies Activities

by K Gordon Schultz

Curling in Canmore – Canadian Rockies Activities

This would have seemed a strange blog to write if it wasn’t for the fact that the popularity of curling has gone through the roof since the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and also it is a hell of a lot of fun. It is a great way to ‘break the ice’ for corporate team building activities…do you get it? Break the ice…The nearest and best one to good old Banff National Park is located in Canmore Golf and Curling Club.

Considering the apparent straight forwardness of the curling you watch on TV, renting the ice out can prove to be a bit pricier than lawn bowls for example. For one sheet only, it is $60 an hour but it will be a hugely enjoyable experience. Most Canadians will have tried curling at some time or another in their lives but for outside visitors (Scandinavia excepted) this is a great way to experience sport the Canadian way without getting into an ice hockey rink and getting pummelled by very large guys. Canmore is only a twenty minute drive from Banff and there are some great accommodation choices.

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