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Cheapest and Best Food in Banff – The Beaver

by K Gordon Schultz

Cheap, Fun Meal at Banff, Alberta Hostel

Don’t be confused by the title of this blog. I am not recommending that when you come to Banff that you should eat a beaver. Nor am I suggesting that they are cheap so no lawsuits please. Rather, if you are looking for a very cheap, very delicious meal in Banff around good people then the Beaver restaurant in the Samesun hostel on Banff Avenue is a great option.

It must be noted that this is not for everybody. It is, after all, a hostel meaning that it is full of young people who are going to be enjoying a few beers loudly. It isn’t exactly the kind of place to bring Granny and the kids for a Sunday meal (though they do do superb Sunday meals!) Every day, there is a different special for $6. Saturday for example, there is steak and kidney pie on offer and it is nothing short of delectable. It is the perfect location to start your night as well if you are on a budget. The drinks specials are comfortably the cheapest in town and the atmosphere is vibrant.

Banff can be a very expensive place to visit but not when you know the secrets like these! The Samesun / Beaver is a short walk from Banff town centre so after a lot of beer and a cheap, delicious meal – the walk in fresh air is really refreshing. If you still have an appetite at the end of the night, you could probably attempt to eat a small woodland creature on your way home!

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