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Best Lunch in Banff – The Wildflour

by K Gordon Schultz

Good Eats at The Wildflour in Banff, Alberta

There are a ton of options for eating lunch in Banff that cater for every taste and budget. The Wildflour falls into the relaxed, relatively cheap, damn delicious and healthy option! Located on Bear Street, it is a great place to sit and people watch out of the huge bright windows. The coffee has been voted (by me) the best in Banff and the general setup is quite refreshing from the other coffee shacks in town. Also refreshing is the menu. It is big, it is varied, it is different and it is delicious.

The focaccia’s are well renowned as one of the best snacks in town but keep in mind these are never ready before midday. The sandwich selection is excellent with something for everyone’s taste. One of my personal favourites is the toasted smoked ham sandwich with an assortment of delicious additions. Add this to a large cup of the best latte in the Bow Valley area and you are onto a winner.

Nearly everything in Wildflour is organically made and it is all made as healthy as possible. You walk away from the coffee shop full but not the same full you would have had after a greasy burger and chips for example. Aside from the lunch options, Wildflour has the perfect setup for something quick to eat in the morning in Banff. If you manage to make it in there between 7-8am, you will also get a half-priced latte. You will probably need this if you are up this early!

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