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Getting Married in The Mountains

by Chris Smith

The Canadian Rockies is a beautiful place to get married and it’s easy to do so. The basics are getting a marriage license two witnesses and a marriage commissioner everything else added on makes the day extra special.

Photographer – Pick someone that you connect with feel conformable with and like their photographic style. Remember they are an artist that has a vision so if you think you have a Pinterest shot you like maybe just contact that photographer rather than getting someone to recreate it.
Videographer – The people that never get videos to regret it, the people that weren’t sure about it and got the video would place it on their top 5 to get at your wedding list. The same goes for videographers pick someone you like and like their work.
Wedding planner- Nice to have someone take care of the details and give you the time to focus on your day rather than the details. Day of planning works for those that have managed planning it all and just need that planner to take care of managing all the great people you hired.
Florist- Get flowers that can hold up to heat or cold weather. If you’re just getting a bouquet pick something simple that will hold up and not wilt by the time your photo session starts. Local Florists are aware of what works best.
Transportation- If your eloping you maybe just want to drive yourself or hire a driver and car for the time you need them. Check with your photographer if you’re moving around a lot to different locations. It easier for the driver to drop you off and pick you up rather than try to park etc. If you’re having a bigger wedding think about hiring a bus to get your wedding party to the location. Parking can get busy in Summer everywhere in the Canadian Rockies even on Monday!
DJ or Music – If you’re eloping you can just have a Bluetooth speaker to play your song as you walk up if you like. But if your wedding is bigger you may want to hire a DJ that can set up play the music have a mic ready and adjust the volume as needed. They can then set up at the venue for your reception.
Hope that helps with some quick ideas.

Aydin has been in the industry for many years in hotels as a concierge, tour guide and has owned a DJ company in the past. His profession when not a marriage commissioner is a photographer and videographer shooting everything from weddings to commercial shoots.

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