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Geocaching in Banff National Park

by K Gordon Schultz

Parks Canada offers anyone with a GPS the opportunity to go geocaching in Canada’s oldest national park.

Visit a visitor information centre or download the activity sheet from the Parks Canada website. There are two sheets: beginner (year-round) and intermediate (summer season only). Choose one and then you’re on your way! Here are some Banff National Park geocaching tips and rules.You don’t need a proper GPS

Even if you don’t have an actual GPS unit, you can still play by inputting the codes into a GPS app on your phone.

Stay on the paths

Geocachers have to stay on the designated park trails or in public areas. Take only pictures, leave only footprints applies here. Know which trails are safe and open by checking in with a visitor’s centre before embarking on your quest.

Can I make my own geocache?


What should I put in a geocache?

You can’t put trade items in the caches, as they may attract wildlife. You’re encouraged to put a message or story about the area where you’re placing the geocache. And you can’t just place a geocache willy-nilly–you need to speak with a Parks Canada staff person to find the best suitable location. If you find a cache with trade items, remove them to prevent unwanted wildlife attention.

What happens when I find all of the geocaches?

You need to find at least three to be eligible for a “prize.” Each proof-of-find question must be answered. Return to a visitor centre, pay a small fee, and you get a Banff National Park geocoin for your trouble.

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