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Brewster Adventures – Banff, Alberta

by K Gordon Schultz

For six generations the family has been sharing the spectacular nature of the Rockies and its remarkable surroundings with visitors from all over the world.

Brewster Mountain Pack Trains, the oldest outfitting company in Alberta, caters to groups and individuals taking pride in providing a backcountry adventure of a lifetime. Ride the Historic Horse drive trail to the famed Brewster Company Ranch or experience the splendor that is Lake Louise on horseback or aboard a horse drawn sleigh.

The Brewster Cowboy’s Barbecue and Dance Barn, built in honor of the Brewster Cowboys for over 100 years, provides authentic Western atmosphere and entertainment for groups to Lake Louise. Our reputation for quality food, service and rustic western facilities make for an unforgettable western Canadian experience.


An extraordinary combination of nature and human history has created the glory that is Lake Louise – wild, beautiful, and unforgettable. In the world’s imagination, this is Canada. Through Brewster Lake Louise Stables, today’s visitors can relive the experience of the original visitors to Lake Louise. 


The “Mountain Horse” has played an important role in the exploration and enjoyment of the Canadian Rocky Mountains for more than 250 years.

Our Two and Four day horseback trips are riding tours through the awe-inspiring magnificence of the Ghost River area, bordering Banff National Park. Experience your own exploration in the hoof-steps of the legendary men and women who first opened up the wilderness.


Brewster Adventures brings a Christmas Card Image to life at Lake Louise with a Sleigh ride that follows the lake-side trail beneath the beauty of the stunning Victoria Glacier, the backdrop to Lake Louise.

Enjoy views of the Ice Falls at the end of the lake by day, or the glow of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise on evening rides. There is no better way to spend time together than drinking in the beauty of sparkling snow and blue sky, bundled beneath a blanket together on a horse drawn sleigh!


A “Western Barbecue” at the Brewster Cowboy’s BBQ and Dance Barn is the ideal event for incentive or corporate groups, and special private functions.

Built in 1996 in honor of the Brewster Cowboys in Lake Louise for over 100 years, the Dance Barn provides authentic Western atmosphere and entertainment. Our reputation for quality food, great service, and rustic Western facilities make for an unforgettable Western Canadian experience.

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