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Awesome All Season Adventures Tours

by K Gordon Schultz

BANFF, ALBERTA, Canada – Banff National Park and the surrounding mountainous areas offer some of the most exhilarating natural scenery in North America. We believe our exciting Banff ATV tours are likely to be the highlight of your Banff, Alberta vacation as we will show you the Canadian Rockies like you’ve never seen them before. Let our professional guides take you on a whirlwind tour of the best Banff ATV mountain trails, providing you with breathtaking views of Canada’s most awe-inspiring national park. Reserve a spot on one of our many guided Banff and Lake Louise ATV tours. We offer a wide range of trail options suited to beginners as well as expert riders.

While visiting Banff National Park, our ATV tours will take you to some of the most spectacular wildlife viewing areas in the surrounding Canadian Rockies. On your journey we’ll traverse colorful valleys, mighty forests and majestic mountainsides up to 2400 meters (8,000 feet) above sea level where you’ll have the chance to observe elk, mountain goats and many other Canadian Rockies wildlife. You will also be among some of the most impressive landscapes on earth! A camera is a definite must, so you can capture these amazing memories.

For those of you looking for more thrills and excitement, the perfect combination is to combine your Banff ATV tour with an unforgettable white water rafting adventure. Water not your thing? Let the majestic eagle in you free, and experience our sensational zipline adventures in the Canadian Rockies. We are an all season company, offering Snowmobile tours in the winter months. We offer so many amazing options and spectacular landscapes, the biggest challenge you’ll have is deciding what to leave out.

At Banff ATV Tours your safety is of upmost importance to us. We recognize an ATV is a powerful machine that requires proper training and safety precautions. We’ll take the time to teach you the fundamentals so you can safely enjoy the excellent equipment and have a safe ride. Don’t be surprised if you become an ATV enthusiast after one of our tours. Maybe you’ll become a person who begins traveling to some of the world’s most remote hunting and fishing destinations. Just saying!


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