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Nipika . . . Canadian Rockies eco resort dream

by K Gordon Schultz

A Mountain Resort in the Heart of the Canadian Rockies

KOOTENAY NATIONAL PARK, BC – As we grow more conscious about environmental responsibility, it becomes apparent that our awareness needs to extend into each area of our lifestyle, including our vacation choices. In this regard, one of the best destinations for your Canadian Rockies vacation is the Nipika Mountain Resort where every aspect of your stay has been designed with the clean energy, recycling, and preservation of the environment in mind.

Located right next to Kootenay National Park, Nipika is situated in the heart of some of the most scenic landscapes in the Canadian Rockies. Nipika is located at 9200 Settlers Road (14 kms off Hwy. 93 between Radium Hot Springs, B.C. (32 Kms) and Banff, Alberta (114 kms).

Imagine staying in one of the most magnificent settings on the planet where all power is generated by hydro and solar power. At Nipika, dead wood is salvaged from the forest and placed in a central boiler to provide heat and hot water to each and every building on the property.

Strategically located solar panels are also placed to collect sunlight for delivering electricity to batteries that then deliver this power as AC current through inverters. Additionally all of the buildings and most of the furniture you will encounter at Nipika is built from trees that have been already killed by mountain Pine Beetles.

The wood is selected, milled, and built on site in Nipika’s woodworking shop where a team of artists create original designs as well as complete their construction. Knowing that not one living tree has been felled is one of the ways you can be proud that you have selected such a thoughtful and intelligent resort for spending time in the Canadian Rockies.

The management and personnel at Nipika are ever-watchful for maintaining the surrounding natural habitat in optimum condition, ensuring that wildlife enjoy the peace and privacy of their domain and that every tree, flower, and blade of grass is honored. Hunting is prohibited at Nipika, and motorized vehicles are not allowed on the 50 km trail network that weaves through some of the most magnificent 1500 acres of pristine wilderness areas in the Canadian Rockies.

Nipika Mountain Resort takes pride in making sure that each and every guest enjoys the most comfortable stay when visiting the Canadian Rockies while learning more about the natural surroundings, history, and eco-culture that makes this region so unique.

Educational tours are easily arranged through any of Nipika’s knowledgeable staff members. A visit to the Bill Yearling Interpretive Cabin will also expand your awareness on what makes the Canadian Rockies such a draw for naturalists, photographers, explorers, and vacationers the world over.

Planning group events while you are in the Canadian Rockies? Nipika’s conference and retreat facilities are ideal for groups of up to 100 people.

Many weddings and other equally special gatherings have been hosted at this eco retreat, where enjoying the hot tub and sauna, frolicking in or skating on the pond, and enjoying all of Nipika’s other special amenities makes for a vacation never to be forgotten. And for those of you who ride, you are even welcome to bring along your own horses!

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