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The Rocky Mountain Grotto: Privacy, Elegance, and Your Own Private Sauna!

by K Gordon Schultz

Stay in Banff National Park, Bed & Breakfast Style

Staying at the Rocky Mountain Grotto in Alberta, Canada was one of the highlights of a trip I’d been planning for over a year. My idea was to return to Banff National Park and then go on to see some of the sites around Canadian Rockies that I’d missed the last time, like Takkakaw Falls and Lake O’Hara. Friends had recommended the Grotto Rocky Mountain Grotto, not only for its comforts, but for its knowledgeable staff who gave them inside tips on the most interesting places to visit in the area. And so I booked a long weekend and headed to one of my favorite destinations in the world, the Canadian Rockies.

Just off the Trans Canada Highway, the Rocky Mountain Grotto is an easy reach from both Calgary and Banff, making it a perfect vacation destination stay for travelers who want to cover ground when on a Canadian Rockies vacation. The B&B is in the charming town of Canmore, a beautiful mountain setting, with friendly residents and wonderful little bistros and galleries that create a unique Rockies personality.

The moment I pulled into the Rocky Mountain Grotto’s drive, I knew this was the place for me. Enveloped by the majestic peaks, invigorated by clear mountain air, I was instantly welcomed by a warm staff member and graciously led to my spacious, elegant, suite.

Martha Segal, the owner of the Rocky Mountain Grotto, has seen to it that her guests feel as comfortable as possible with impeccable service along with utmost privacy. Sleeping in the Queen-size bed was like sleeping on a cloud, complete with feather down-filled duvet and fluffy pillows. The first night’s sleep was such an incredible luxury that I slept much later than I’d planned, not wanting to relinquish the toasty warmth and the excellent mattress that made my back feel better than ever.

But the breakfast corner beckoned with fresh fruit and juices to go along with the delicious baked goods topped with sumptuous apricot or berry jams. Hours later, I finally peeled myself away from the seductive comfort of my bed and breakfast to cover some ground in the great Canadian outdoors.

After each day of vigorous adventuring, I couldn’t wait to return “home.” With legs aching from all the hiking and cross country skiing, I was ready each evening for my very own private cedar sauna to take all the stress away, preparing me for a relaxing dinner with friends or a night out on the town.

The long weekend flew by, and with each day of becoming more attached to the hominess and welcome of my new favorite B&B, I made myself a promise to return as often as I can, as well as to recommend this marvelous haven to all of you who plan to visit the Canadian Rockies.

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