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Canmore Starter Pack, Canadian Rockies

by K Gordon Schultz

Quick Info about Canmore, Alberta


Canmore, Alberta is located right in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Just outside the south boundaries of Banff National Park, it is only a beautiful 15-minute drive from the town of Banff and about 100km west of Calgary. It is considered to be the residential community of the area but secretly is the hub of the Bow Valley Community. Canmore is geared towards an outdoors lifestyle but is mixed with all the facilities you need to enjoy your stay. It also boasts a host of other activities to please everyone. In short, it’s awesome!

How To Get There:

The Calgary International Airport is the Canadian Rockies’ busiest port of entry, welcoming visitors from all regions of North America and abroad. There are bus companies such as Jasper Tours that can bring you to your accomodation before you can say ski slope.

Renting a car is often a good option around the Rockies if you are going to be partaking in some exploring. There are numerous international car rental companies based at the airport and in Canmore. Greyhound provides affordable bus transportation from downtown Calgary to Canmore Town Centre.

Getting Around Canmore:

As there isn’t any public transportation, your only choices outside renting a car are cabs or hitchhiking. Success rates with hitchhiking are high but as your mother always told you; be careful. You can always leave your car behind and get around town by bike or walking. Both are great options in such a picturesque town.

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